Foresee Consulting Services

Connect with Customers, Communicate, Close


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Foresee offers the following services to our key markets. We are here to help you Connect with Customers, Communicate and Close.

Customer Development

  • Lead Conversion Strategy (contact planning, follow up, close)
  • Customer Engagement Planning (KOL development, management)
  • Distribution Partner Management (regular business review, scorecards)
  • Product Implementation Planning


  • Presentation Coaching (power point slide editing, facilitation skills)
  • Trade Show Strategy (Who should go? Where? What are the goals?)
  • Product Evaluation

Closing the Sale

  • Sales Team Training/Playbook development
  • Project Tracker/forecasting (funnel management)
  • CRM metrics planning (what do you need to capture?)
  • RFP response coaching, win/loss review process

 Marketing Planning

  • Marketing Plan review (goals, bandwidth, measurement, accountability)
  • Product Launch Planning (release, messaging, end-user training plans)
  • Market Segment Analysis (Who else will use this product? Do you need to pivot?)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Access mapping (identify potential barriers)