About Foresee

We provide consulting services to Startups, Established Companies and Institutions who are looking to connect with customers – or clients, consumers, patients, salespeople… you get the idea. We can help you with your presentation, your market planning/mapping and help you come up with the right metrics for you to measure return on investment. As fresh eyes into your organization, we can foresee challenges (see what we did there?) and help you take proactive next steps.

About Lisa Schellenberg

Lisa is the lead consultant for Foresee. She is a seasoned Sales and Marketing Professional with experience in distribution management, OEM sales, mentoring, B to B and B to C strategy. With over 20 years of experience as a Team Leader, Account Executive and Project Manager, she has developed a results-driven approach to business development and building customer loyalty. Lisa excels in managing the complexity of multiple stakeholders and is an insightful analyst with an eye for process improvement. She brings a new perspective and develops customized 4C solutions for her clients. Are you ready?

Connect with Customers, Communicate, Close.